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1. How do we register with Common Good?

Registering with us is very simple: just click on the ‘Register your cause’ button, fill in the form and submit your registration. We will be in touch shortly after and help you create your wishlist for the products your cause needs the most.

2. How do we manage our wishlist? Can we remove/ add items?

You can very easily manage your wishlist and change the items you’re requesting or the quantity you need. Just log into your account and go to ‘Manage your wishlist’. There is no limit of how many items you can have on your wishlist, or the quantity you can request of each, so you can tailor the wishlist to your organisation’s needs.

3. Can we create a registry on Common Good even if our organisation is not a registered charity?

Absolutely, we believe that every cause is worthy as long as it aims to help others, so you do not need to be a registered charity to have a wishlist on Common Good. We work with a wide range of organisations, from charities tackling hygiene poverty, to foodbanks, schools and groups of volunteers that support their local community. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

4. Are there any fees for joining Common Good?

There are absolutely no fees for joining Common Good, and we can assure you there are no hidden fees along the way either. We’re just a group of like-minded people that come together and work hard to make sure that there won’t be a need for organisations such as food banks or period poverty tacking groups to exist in the future.

5. Are our donations being dispatch straight away? Can I request a certain day/time to have our donations delivered?

Our aim is to make the life of the real heroes – the volunteers – as easy as possible, everything with a zero-waste approach in mind, so we usually collate any donations made to you, and send them at a date and time that’s convenient to you. This reduces packaging waste, the carbon footprint of the deliveries, and enables the volunteers to manage their resources as efficiently as possible.

6. Where are you based and which areas do you deliver to?

We are based just outside London, but work with organisations all over the country, so please do get in touch and we’ll confirm if we can deliver to your area. Unfortunately, with the additional duty fees imposed by Brexit, we are not currently able to deliver to the Republic of Ireland, although we are aware of the need of such a service in the area. We hope to be able to find a solution to this problem soon.

7. We’ve received some voucher donations. How do we spend them?

Unfortunately you cannot use these vouchers directly on the website. However you will get a regular statement from our team that will show all your available funds, along with a discount code to match these funds. Alternatively, please contact our team and they will be happy to help you purchase the products that you need.

8. Can we track how much has been donated to our wishlists?

We like to be as transparent as possible, so every time someone makes a donation to your wishlist you will get a notification email. You can also see at a glance what’s been donated to your cause by checking your wishlist – the heart on each product image will show how much you need and how much has been donated so far. We’re happy to send you a summary of all this if you need it, just drop us an email and we will produce that for you.

9. Can we just place a one off order? Do we necessarily need to create a wishlist to make a purchase?

We understand that managing a wishlist is not something that everyone has the availability to do, so if you just want to place an order just create an account – this will enable you to see our range of products – and click the ‘Add to cart’ on the product page. Then go to checkout and put your delivery address in the notes. Your order will be dispatched within 3-5 working days, unless you advise us otherwise. We will notify you as soon as the order is ready to be dispatched.

1. How does Common Good work? Is Common Good a charity?

Common Good is not a charity. We are a platform that enables charitable causes to request the products they need in order to continue offering their support to those that need it. You just need to choose which cause you would like to support, check their wishlist of items they need most and purchase one or more of those items – it is entirely up to you. We then dispatch those products directly to the organisation, according to their specific instructions.

2. How do I donate to my preferred charitable cause?

We’ve kept this simple: just click on ‘Donate now’ and then just search the charity name. If you’re not sure yet, we have the full list of organisations that have a wishlist with us so take a look – we work with a wide range of causes from food banks to refugee supporting volunteer groups, so we’re sure you will be able to find a worthy cause that fights for the same ideas you believe in. Once you’re on their wishlist, click on ‘Add to cart’ for every item you want to donate and then head over to checkout. We only need your billing address – we will take care of the shipping and make sure the items you so generously donated end up with your chosen organisation.

3. Do I need to create an account to donate?

You do not need to create an account with Common Good to be able to donate. However, if you plan on making regular donations to your preferred cause it would be easier to create an account, especially as it only takes a few simple steps: click on the ‘My account’ icon on the right hand side and fill in the information.

4. What if I don’t know which charity to donate to?

It can be daunting to decide which cause to support, and we completely understand that as there are so many fantastic ones. You might be able to find one that is local to you – just click on ‘Donate now’ and go through the list, or you might want to support a certain cause, like fighting against period poverty or supporting young, disadvantaged families.

5. Do I need to pay delivery?

Absolutely not! We do not like to charge you – or the charitable organisations for that matter! – for anything other than the actual products.

6. I have some spare toiletries. Can I donate them through you to my chosen charity?

Unfortunately we cannot accept any products donations from the public – it would defeat our purpose of reducing waste and delivery carbon footprint. However we love to encourage people to help others in any way they can, so we’re always happy to put you in touch with your nearest organisation as you might be able to donate your products directly to them. Just drop us an email and we’ll let you know if we can help.

7. How do I know if my donations have been delivered to the charity?

We like to be as transparent as possible in our mission, so you’ll get a notification email once your donation has been sent to the cause of your choice. Do not worry if you don’t get this notification straight away – we work with charities and volunteers and tailor deliveries according to their needs. As some of the volunteers run the organisations from their own homes sometimes, we only send the donations when the have the capacity to receive all the products. Also, if you opt to give the charity your permission to contact you they will most likely write to you and express their gratitude for allowing them to carry on their charitable work.

8. How much of my donation goes to the charity?

We guarantee that 100% of your donation will go straight to the charitable cause of your choice.

9. What if I want to donate a product to a charity, but that product is not on their wishlist?

We appreciate you wanting to do something extra for a special cause, but our whole concept revolves around the idea of giving organisation only what they need in order to maximise the donations and avoid unnecessary waste. So you will not be able to add anything else other than what they asked for – and trust us, this is for the best. It allows even small volunteer groups that don’t have storage access to function and to make a difference in their communities.

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