Common Good is like a gift registry, but for charitable causes🤍.


Welcome to Common Good!

We're here to help charities and volunteer groups get the products they need the most, whenever they need them the most.


Food banks and other charities are heavily dependent on donations to continue their vital work. Unfortunately these organizations often find themselves with an imbalance in their stock - too much of one item, and not enough of another. This creates more work for volunteers, who then need to sort through stock they don’t need and monitor use-by dates.


That’s where we come in! By donating via your Common Good, you’ll know you’re buying the products your cause need most.


Get in touch with us today to understand how we can help. Whether you're a registered charity, or looking to raise donations on behalf of a charity, we'll help you set up your Wishlist.


Search for a charity or cause and you'll see the items they need the most. You can purchase these directly from us, and we will ship to your chosen charity, for free!

How we Help

We collate your donations and dispatch them in bulk to minimize excess packaging. We'll also make sure we're delivering on a time or day that's convenient!

How it works to receive donations

Our platform is for anyone looking to fundraise for a cause; whether you're registered charity, foodbank, hygiene bank or mutual aid group. You can get in touch with us and we'll help you set up your Wishlist.

There are absolutely no costs to set up or manage your Wishlist. Any donations made to you will be collated and sent to you, or your chosen cause at a time that's convenient for you.

How it works to donate to a cause

You can choose to donate to a local cause, or something further afield ! Simply check out our list of registered Wishlists, and you will find the items they need the most. From there you can checkout and we will send the products directly to them

Welcome to Common Good - formerly Easho Wishlists ! We've updated & moved our platform to make donating much easier.